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Review: Arcona Firm Eye Serum AM/PM

Aging sucks, okay? So like, the first signs of my aging (don’t know if this is really a sign of aging or just allergies).. Puffy eyes. Gross.

So, I have had some really bad allergies and hormonal issues within the past few months. I feel like my eyes are starting to puff, and all of that skin-stretching can’t be good. I searched for a new eye cream or eye serum, I already own a ton of them, but I was thinking ‘high-end’ this time. Like, higher than Estee Lauder high-end.

Eye Serum

I did a search on for top rated eye stuff.. I found the Arcona AM/PM Firm Serum and saw that there were a ton of rave reviews about it’s performance on the eyes.

Here’s what they say:
Firming eye repair complex fights signs of aging, reduces puffiness and hydrates the delicate eye area. Moisturize, retexturize and alleviate fine lines with mucopolysaccharide complex and hyaluronic acid. Repair and nourish skin with meadowfoam oil and essential fatty acids. Reduce puffiness and environmental damage with willowherb and organic coffee extracts.

Like all products in ARCONA’s skin therapy regimen, Eye Serum is cosmeceutically formulated with pure, natural ingredients, cold-pressed in small batches to keep them fresh, active and super-effective. For optimal results, we recommend using this product within six months of opening. Change may be immediately noticeable; however, full benefits are derived as skin is brought into balance by regular use.

Here’s my review on their site:

I didn’t want to reach for the hemmroid cream to take away puffy eyes, I hear it’s chemically laden and only for the people with ‘roids. I’ve also heard that there is a wonderful organic ‘roid cream out there that does great things for the puffy lids, but I have yet to try what’s out there.

I am a makeup artist, a makeup snob, and really picky about what I use. I have tried many, many eye creams & serums (samples from every makeup counter you can imagine) and although some were good at moisturizing, I only really wanted instant de-puffing. I’ve worn this Arcona product for over a month now, and only see that the texture of the skin on my lids is a little better (we are talking only a LITTLE better) and I haven’t seen much else going on. I have bad allergies and my eyelids get puffy, so maybe an eye serum isn’t the answer for my puffs.

I am going to finish the product and see how it goes… my positive points about this product is that a little goes a very long way, it’s easy to apply, and the pump is awesome.

Welp.. the price for the serum is $38 for the standard eye cream size, .5 oz. I don’t think that the price is that bad. If I paid over $60 for it, then I would probably start complaining that I wasted my money. For someone like me, I think I will need some allergy pills, not an eye cream. So I am not going to rate the product, but I will say that it’s a pretty quality product and that it’s a must try for someone who is eye cream/serum shopping.

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