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MAC Cosmetics Electroflash Collection!

When M.A.C cosmetics comes out with a new collection, I go into semi-panic mode. Not only does the best lipgloss of the entire collection sell out in a matter of seconds online and in the stores, but they are already onto a new collection in what seems like a week!

Here is what is new at M.A.C.. and things I may “attack”.


MAC Cosmetics Electroflash

According to

Mineralize Eye Shadow in nine new duos with unblinking courage, and convincing new combinations. Add Lipglass and Lipsticks with quantum physics energy, in companion colours and electro-lustres. Electricity is our most precious resource…everybody, electrified!

The editorial photo doesn’t really do a good job of showing exactly what the makeup looks like on a real person.. but I can already tell that there are a lot of cool colors in this collection.

I am loving the tinted lipglass colors, especially Cultureclash, which will probably sell out when I am finished typing this paragraph. (LoL)

The mineralized products tha M.A.C puts out are usually pretty plentiful. These are nothing new, and as far as I see, they have had these colors before. I really like Odd Couple and Pink Split, but only because of how cool they look in the package. I probably own something similar, so I will hold off on purchasing anything from this collection.


MAC Sonic Chic
According to

Mineralize Blush to break the style barrier: Screamingly chic, but soft, sheer, lightweight. Enhance cheekbones, create planes and contours with the 181 Buffer Brush for flawless blending. The fastest route to perfection yet is Ultra-Sonic.

Wow.. more minerals. ::waves flag::

The promo image for this collection really caught my eye. I am really into bronze eye looks with brick red lipstick, it’s a look that really goes well with the fall season and looks good on just about any skintone, etc. The thing that threw me off about the ad was that.. this is an ad for blush.. not eye or lip color. I was a bit confused. Anyway, the blush color selection is quite good, especially Love Thing and Pleasantry. Two mauve blushes that go well with my pale skin and blue eyes. If you don’t have the M.A.C 181 small buffer brush to apply heavily pigmented blushes with.. it’s a must have!! Another good alternative is the Sugar Bronzing brush, but not even sure if Sephora sells it anymore. Apparently this Mineralize blush is lightweight, but you never know.

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