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Review for: MAC Pro Tweezers / Benefit Cosmetics Dallas Blush

I am squeezing two reviews into one… if you have any requests for product reviews (I can’t guarantee that I’ve tried it, but Sephora is right down the street from my house .. I am SO lucky)

MAC Tweezers

The very lovely MAC Cosmetics Pro Slant Tweezers. These are freaking awesome. I used to work in a waxing salon, so I’ve seen tweezers of all types. Mainly, the aestheticians used Tweezerman tweezers, which go for around $30 bucks. The makeup artist at MAC, who really knew his shit, told me that the MAC tweezers would kick ass.. and he was right. I did make a boo boo and drop my beloved tweezers on a tile floor and they ended up having smashed tips after the incident. My fiancee knew how to sharpen them up for me and they were as good as new. I’ve had them for about two years now and there are zero complaints on my end. For $28 bucks you can get your hands on these, and they are better than Tweezerman.. soo.. worth it!!

I have several fave products from Benefit Cosmetics, but as you will find out, I am a “high end” and “low end” makeup lover. I will either spend $60 on a good foundation or $4 for a great mascara. I don’t spend $30 dollars on “okay” makeup. It’s hard to explain, but if you buy a lot of makeup you probably understand what I mean. I am a fan of YSL, Armani, Dior, Chanel because of the quality of the product and I will splurge on it when I find something I can’t live without. So, Dallas! Yee haw! I ride into the sunset quite often while wearing this beauty. I love the small brush when used with Dandelion, but for Dallas, I like to use a larger bronzing brush. I use this product on my very pale skin (NW15) and it works wonderful. Gives me just enough warmth and color, but not really brown like the Hoola powder. I use this also as a quick eyeshadow. I get many compliments when wearing this product because it also makes my skin appear smooth and shimmery.  Benefit box prodcuts last for at least 2 years, so I love the lightweight cardboard boxes. Very eco-friendly!

Benefit Dallas

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