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Why I think mineral makeup foundation sucks…

Jane Iredale, Bare Escentuals, Pure Minerals, minerals and ground-down rocks popping out of every corner of the world.. and it’s driving me mad! Here are the top reasons why I personally think that minerals belong in your food and not on your face:

1. Dust. I’ve had to keep a can of air in my bathroom just to blow off all the minerals that land on the sink, my shirt, and just about everywhere else. *Aaaachooo!* It also makes me sneeze.

2. Hello, grandma? NO, that’s just me in the mirror, not my 90 year old grandmother. Minerals tend to accentuate lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. My pores look like giant craters, the moon would be jealous.

3. How dry I am… I have annoying oily skin but I don’t WANT dry skin. Minerals soak up all of my dewiness and leave me with a freaking Sahara desert face.

4. Tapping and swirling.. and swirling some more. I just can’t “buff” this mineral stuff on good enough to look even. Seems like it gets trapped once the cute little Kabuki brush hits the face.

5. Drop it.. you’re screwed. Basically you really can’t travel with it in your purse. The lid can become unscrewed and if you have it open and you accidentally drop it.. POOF.. your beloved powdered mess is all over your dress.

6. Cystic Acne. This ain’t funny. Many people, including myself, have suffered severe cystic acne because of mineral foundation. We are talking scars for life if you don’t get it treated.

Ok, so now that you know why I hate mineral foundation, you may be quite upset when I tell you that I will not review any powdered mineral foundation products (I may do a few liquid mineral reviews) but you will see some really nice reviews for eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and other reviews for color products made with crushed rocks.

My favorite thing in the world is: a nice mattifying liquid foundation with a pump.. very little or no SPF (I can put my own SPF on, thanks) and I will be reviewing that very little gem called Revlon Colorstay a little bit later. So stay tuned. (No, Colorstay does not have a pump, but I have my own bottle with pump that I pour my foundation into)

Update: (July 13, 2011)

I have recently gotten back into the routine of using Jane Iredale mineral powder, Amazing Base. I really do like it when used LIGHTLY and only if I am wearing my mattifying Peter Thomas Roth lotion. I have to be very careful at night when removing my makeup and do use both the MAC Cleansing Cloths and my Clarisonic Skin Care brush to make sure all makeup residue has been removed. (All makeup removed = smaller pores)

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!! I Love everything you’ve wrote about! Feels like I’m reading all about myself, except now I Finally and Hopefully have some answers. I’ve always wanted to be a blonde, the one time I tried, they could NOT get past the brassiness. Since then I’ve gone through Beauty school (except the last 50 hours:/) and understand things better. I’m a level 3 with a lot of gray in the front, I always tend to do 3rv when coloring. (I LOVE purple). But I Still Really want to be a blonde, and now that I’m getting so gray (I’m 37:/) I figure what better time to do it! I am scared though, my hairs fine. Wish me luck on what to do. =)

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