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How to Bleach your Hair Platinum Blonde or White

How to Bleach your Hair Platinum Blonde or White

Tutorial for Bleaching your Hair Blonde, Platinum or White at Home

How to bleach your hairUpdated on Feb 13, 2019: Due to the large volume of emails concerning this post, I am asking that everyone please read this blog post and comments below before asking questions. It may take me up to 7 days to answer your important hair questions. Thank you!

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NOTE: People find this blog through Google, etc. while searching for “Why did my bleached hair turn yellow or orange”? Answer: YOU NEED TO TONE YOUR HAIR. If you want bleached blonde hair like Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani, and me (on the left) Read on!

I am going to post something that a lot of people have trouble finding: info on how to bleach your hair to white or platinum. It took me many years to find this information! With my findings, I’d like to share my experience with you all! Please note, I am not a licensed beautician. What may work for me may not work for you. In my experience, most of the salons I’ve visited will not attempt to bleach dark hair platinum blonde. I have been stopped by beauticians many times to ask me how I got my hair so white.. read on and you will know my secrets!

How to Bleach your hair at homeIf you have experience in bleaching your hair, these tips will help you give your blonde that extra lightening that you want and reduce the yellowing. A lot of people think that buying a box of blonde hair dye at the drug store is going to make their hair blonde.. unless your hair is already a light shade of blonde, your hair will turn ORANGE if you attempt to use a box hair dye! You need to bleach your hair to a pale yellow (think inside of a banana) first, then tone it. You may need to bleach it several times before you are able to tone it to the desired shade of blonde you want. You cannot tone to platinum if your hair is still darker than that pale yellow blonde shade. Toners are usually very pale violet or blue (I’ve even seen brown and grey toners) and they only add a tiny tint of color. With that said, you cannot tone orange hair to blonde or even remotely blonde. It will still be orange, unfortunately!

Stuff to buy

First off.. you gotta grab your purse and go shopping. Since I have experience using both public beauty supply products and exclusive high-end bleaching products, I am going to separate both parts of this tutorial so you can decide which route you would like to go. Personally, I think that the higher-end salon products keep your hair healthier in the long run. After bleaching so much at home with cheaper products, I noticed my hair was breaking off rapidly, even with the use of high-end conditioners.OlaplexOlaplex is a MUST when bleaching, toning and for aftercare. I was introduced to Olaplex in 2013 when it was used on my hair at a salon. I have personally not tried adding the products to my bleach or toners, but I have used the conditioning treatment at home called Olaplex No 3

The inexpensive Sally Beauty Supply Bleaching Method: Sally Beauty Supply is a public beauty supply store that you can walk into any day of the week and purchase all of your bleaching products. You can also order online: ( I suggest that when you shop in the store to request a Sally Beauty Club Card (you can also purchase one online now). It costs $5 for one year, and in the end, it’s worth it! Since you will be touching up your roots about every four weeks, this membership will help you save money.

Product List:
Sally Beauty Supply Bleaching ProductsWella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Hair Color #12A/1210 Frosty Ash – TONER: I use this on damp hair right after bleaching. This translucent, pastel violet toner is used with 20 or 30 volume creme developer, depending on how yellow your hair is. If after I touch-up my roots with bleach and see that they are too much into the yellow stage, I will use 30 vol. with this product for extra lifting.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Classic Formula Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream – TONER ALTERNATIVE: This herbal and protein-based dye contains no harsh chemicals. If my scalp is too sensitive to use a peroxide-based toner, I will use this. This is basically a pastel-colored conditioner. I use on damp hair with 10 minutes heat. (I use a softhood dryer) Without heat, I leave on for an hour with a plastic cap on.

NEW !! Manic Panic Virgin Snow AMPLIFIED on Amazon – TONER ALTERNATIVE: This is just like the Manic Panic Classic Toner above, except I feel like this one has a little more platinum power. See my tutorial on how to use this below!

Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener 1 lb. Tub – BLEACH: This is the best inexpensive powder bleach I’ve tried. The consistency is really creamy and does not dry out like other powder bleaches. Read directions carefully and do a hair strand test first!

Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer 8 oz. –  PEROXIDE: I use this strong developer every time I do my root touch-ups. An awesome developer that I sometimes mix with the below Clairol 40 – vol. Pure White to make it a little stronger for my dark roots.

Clairol Pure White 40 Volume Creme Developer – PEROXIDE: This is the only 40 vol. developer brand I will use. I don’t really use 40 vol. toner since it is very strong (known to melt hair off) I only use it mixed with 30 vol. to dilute it if I need an extra lift of lightening at my root area.

Scroll down for information about shampoos and conditioners/treatments.

The “a little more expensive” Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder / Redken Shades Method:

This method is a professional salon method I learned from someone in the bleaching biz. The products can still be purchased online, but are hard to find. (Try This method is a bit more expensive than the Sally’s method, but will be better for your hair long-term. The end result will look the same as the Sally’s method, except your hair will be healthier. There is no such thing as a healthy far as I know.. and if there is, please let me know!

Product List:

Bleach: Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder on Amazon.comgoldwell_bleach

Developer/Peroxide: Goldwell Topchic Developer Lotion – 30 Vol. (I wouldn’t go higher than 30 volume with this. Please do not use any heat with the Goldwell products! I burned my scalp!)

Toner : Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss on – Click here for the Redken Shades Color Chart. There may be a better color reference elsewhere on the web. Let me know if you find one!  These toners are gentle and were used on me after bleaching on damp hair.  (Platinum Ice mixed with Chrome is what was used on me.) This was left on for only about 15 minutes. You could see a dark hue forming as the dye developed. Don’t get scared! I also saw some patches of gray/lavender, but after my hair was dry, they disappeared.

Toner Processing Solution : Redken Shades EQ Processing Solution on Amazon.comYou need this to use with the Redken Shades Color Glosses.

1794534_10152310759614721_413656762_nUPDATE: The “Cadillac” Bleaching Method: L’Oreal Professionnel Platinum Ammonia Free Lightening Paste

This is the mother of all bleaches, or so I’m told, the L’Oreal bleaching PASTE is supposed to be the best you can buy. I paid a whopping $70 for a 17.5 oz jar of this paste, but since 2014 the price has dropped to about $45.

Normally, you’d have to purchase this bleach through a professional store, and I’m sure it is cheaper there. I purchased the paste along with the L’Oreal Platinum Developer in vol. 30 for about $15. With $60 worth of products before me, I had high hopes that this ammonia-free product line would work miracles. Just like the reviews that I saw online, these products delivered results. The paste is really thick, so it doesn’t run into other lengths of your hair. It stays on the roots where you need it when doing touch-ups. My scalp did not burn one bit, not even as much as a tingle. The product works rather quickly, so my bleaching time was cut in half. My hair was shiny after washing and hardly felt as if it had been bleached at all.

After about one month since I bleached, I went in for a hair trim. The stylist was in awe of the outstanding condition of my hair. There were a few dry spots in the bangs area, but I had not had those trimmed in about 6 months, so I think I did pretty good. Since I am now using Manic Panic “Pretty Flamingo” semi-permanent hair dye after I  bleach, my hair stays conditioned and hydrated. I no longer worry about hair breaking off or becoming “mushy” when using this bleach. In my personal experience with this product, I only needed to bleach for 30 minutes (Note that I have to use other bleaches for more than 1 hour).

I wanted to note before I finish this review that 30 volume peroxide has become a bit of a controversial item. I have been using that volume of peroxide on my hair since I was 16 years old, and I have only had problems with it when used with cheaper bleach products. With over 20 years of bleaching experience on my own head of hair, I think I have a handle on what I can and can’t use. Again, if you aren’t sure, you can have a professional do it the first few times and then repeat the process at home if you feel comfortable.

Removing Hair Dye Color

I went from dyed black hair to white platinum blonde and it wasn’t easy. If you have dye in your hair, whether it’s black, red or blue, You need to use a color remover like L’Oreal Effasol (must have pro Sally’s card to get this), or Color Oops Extra Strength, to get rid of the hair dye first. You can’t just put the bleach over your dyed hair, although I know people who have done this and they wished they used a color remover first!  Here is a bleach stages chart to help you with your lightening process:

Hair bleach stage chart

Yes, your hair will most likely turn orange when you use the color remover as shown in the picture here. Yes, you will have to deal with orange hair for quite some time, but it’s worth it in the end. I left the color remover on for an hour (read the directions), and I went to a dark reddish color that went from bright orange at the roots, to dark red at the tips–a rainbow effect. This could have been minimized if I would have only applied the color remover to the tips of my hair first, but I was alone, impatient, and tired! If you can get a friend to help you, that’s great–they can help you with your lightening process!

Below are photographs of my hair when I decided to place a rather large chunk of blonde, removing permanent black hair dye using Effasol, bleach, and then the Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner. I did have to cut the orange ends off of my hair since they were resistant to bleach. I HIGHLY recommend about a 3 inch or more trim after you bleach. Not only will your color look more even, but your ends will be healthier than what was there before. I trim my hair every month or so.


When I first bleached my hair, I used 30 volume peroxide mixed with Clairol Kalidecolors violet toned bleach (the Blue toned bleach is best for higher lifting, I’ve found), I was very careful and tried to bleach the ends first and work my way up to the roots. I left the bleach on for about 30-40 minutes, with 10 minutes of using a heat bonnet, checking it as I went along.

You want to get your hair to that very pale yellow stage, like the color of the inside of a banana. If you don’t get it light enough, the toner will NOT work. If you need to spot bleach parts of your hair that stayed orange after your first bleaching, you can do so, I used 40 volume peroxide on areas that I needed to touch up quickly. You want to give your hair a rest for about a week or so if you want to bleach again.

Orange-yellow hair may be unsightly to some, but I rocked it by wearing a cute bandana for a few days! You can wear your hair in a top bun or something until you give your hair enough time to gather up natural oils again. It took my hair probably two bleachings and two spot bleachings until I got it to a shade that I liked. I still had to keep cutting inches off my hair to remove the orange tips.

Product Note: I no longer use Clairol Kalidecolors bleach. That bleach did not lift high enough for me to get to platinum blonde.  

Toning : Wella Toners, Redken Shades, Natural Toners, Roux Leave-in Toners

How to bleach your hair whiteI use several different toners depending on how my hair is looking or how much time I have. Right after bleaching, if my scalp feels sensitive, I’ll use the Manic Panic Virgin Snow AMPLIFIED peroxide-free toner since it is free of chemicals and will not burn my scalp. Basically, the M.P. toner is like putting conditioner in your hair that has a purple tint in it. Virgin Snow will only work if your hair is perfectly within the palest yellow stage. You will use this product alone, do not add any other product in with this.

After bleaching, rinse out your hair VERY well, shampoo, and pat dry. Do not use conditioner or the toner will not penetrate well. I dip my tinting brush right into the jar of toner and quickly dab it on all of my hair. You can already see the yellow starting to “disappear” as you work the toner into your hair. The scary thing about the toner is that it may turn your hair a light shade of purple. I only leave it on for about 10 minutes, with a conditioning cap on, with heat under my bonnet. If you do not have a heating bonnet, you may wear the conditioning cap (it’s like a very lightweight disposable shower cap) for about 15 minutes and rinse well with cool water.

If you find your toned hair is a bit too purple, you can step right back in the shower and shampoo gently and condition again until you get the purple out. Sometimes even if my hair looks slightly purple, after it dries the purple goes away. My secret is to take a small mirror into the shower and check out how the toner turned out.

If after I bleach and my hair looks too yellow, I’ll use the peroxide-based toners (which chemically lift your hair color a level or two) and I always mix a TINY amount of the peroxide-based toners and touch it to my scalp to see if it will burn or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes not… sometimes I just grin and bear it and the burning goes away within a few minutes. I leave these toners on (full head application on damp hair) timing depending on the directions on the box. If you just want to touch-up your hair if it is yellowing a few weeks after bleaching and toning, you may tone your roots first (30 min – but read the directions first for timing) which will not turn blonde since you are not bleaching, but doing this WILL lighten your roots a few levels and make them less noticable. Then, after the 30-40 minutes is up, you may comb through and apply more of the toner to the rest of your hair and wait about 10 minutes and rinse well, condition and style.

You may experiment around with different peroxide-based toners, like the popular Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde and Wella Frosty Ash hair color. (Wella White Lady is now called : Lightest Ash Blonde) (Sometimes I mix them both together since Lightest Ash Blonde is very purple-toned and sometimes leaves a stain on the hair – which is removed after your next shampoo) It’s all about experimentation. If you are too scared to apply a toner to your entire head, you may do a test spot (I test about a 2-inch chunk) to make sure it’s a color you can live with. I used to use the awesome Clairol Creme toners, but they have been discontinued!

Super Secret Revealed!!! Daily/Weekly Toning : Yes, people stare at my hair, people ask how I achieved the bright white look, even professionals! One of my best-kept secrets is using the Roux line of temporary toners, found mostly at Sally Beauty Supply. I use Roux White Minx Temporary Color Rinse, which is a light gel-like formula that is very easily applied to damp hair and combed through for INSTANT brightening. Only use a little because it does condition your hair a bit as well. I also use the Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse in White Minx, which I have great success with and sometimes use on dry hair if my roots are starting to yellow.

Maintenance & Treatments: Root Touch-Ups and Platinum Shampoos & Conditioners

Root touch-ups can be a pain and sometimes takes me a few hours to complete. Currently, I use 30 volume peroxide for the back of my head, working my way to the crown and switch to 40 volume peroxide. I try not to get any bleach on my scalp, but it’s very difficult.  I place a conditioning cap on and use the soft bonnet heat for 10 minutes, then set the timer for about 70 minutes — NOTE that this timing will be different for everyone!!! With almost 2 years of bleaching my roots every month, I finally know how long it takes to bleach my roots to pale yellow, and this timing is a lot longer than most since my hair is naturally dark red.

L'anza Color ShampooSHAMPOO:

To maintain my hair color and to keep the yellow tinge from returning, I use the very amazing Healing ColorCare L’Anza Silver Shampoo. I use this shampoo every single time I wash my hair. This is another trick to my white hair and how “beyond unnatural” white it looks after shampooing. Some have said they only need to use it a few times per week, but it depends on how your hair behaves. The shampoo is very dark purple, nearly black in color and it will stain your hands temporarily. I apply lotion to my hands frequently to keep my hands from getting dry, so that the staining is minimal. It will surely stain artificial nails. Been there, done that! Wear gloves if you are scared of that happening to you.

I’ve heard other toning shampoos like Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Silver Shampoo are good too. A lot of people ask me about Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner I do not like this shampoo at all. It is very drying and ends up ruining my hair after many uses. I stick with Sulfate-Free shampoos. If I find that my hair is catching too much of the purple tinge, I will mix a little bit of the L’Anza Silver Shampoo (pictured on left) with sulfate-free Pureology NanoWorks Shampoo ($44) or less-expensive R + Co Gemstone Shampoo ($24). These silver shampoos are also excellent to use on those with blonde highlights who want to brighten them up. If you want to find a good sulfate-free shampoo, visit a Planet Beauty or Peninsula Beauty store or website. They carry a lot of great sulfate-free shampoos that will keep your hair color from fading.


My conditioner, which is really important for keeping the ends of my hair from breaking, I use the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Blonde Conditioner ($40). A few times per week, I use a heavy cream conditioner, which is actually the free conditioner you get in the box of L’Oreal Excellence Cream Hair Dye. My mother dyes her hair with that product quite often, so she gives me the conditioning tubes and I’ve been using it for over 20 years. I can’t exactly suggest anything else because it is wonderful, but I’m sure there is something similar out there you can try.


After my shower, I use several products to keep moisture in my hair. I spray on a detangling conditioner Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. I absolutely LOVE the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum ($21) on damp hair after my shower. I don’t use any hot oil treatments.. I probably should, but I just don’t have the time. After using the conditioning products, I will use the Roux White Minx Temporary Color Rinse in White Minx and comb well.


Bleaching your hair is a long and experimental process, and sometimes I have to bleach my roots twice because I didn’t process them enough. Have fun experimenting, I’ve never found a salon that will bleach hair to white, so you may want to try it on your own and start out with streaks and highlights first. Start with streaks in the front and work your way to the back, taking more chunks of hair as you go. I had dyed black hair before, as mentioned above. It took a really long time to actually get my hair white, and it takes a lot of patience. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in a week, either.

My current regimen:

I have been currently seeing a beautician for root touch-ups, which saves me a lot of time, but not a lot of money.  I haven’t yet decided if this is the right thing for me to do. It seems like most salons want to get you out the door, so they will put you under heat with the bleach, which doesn’t work for me since my scalp burns. You have to be very specific and straightforward with the salon and let them know what you want and that you want to minimize burning and scabbing on your scalp. I have been to high-end salons where my scalp started bleeding due to the use of 40 vol. peroxide and heat, they pulled me under the water to rinse and my hair was still yellow. Toning it did not help! Keep this blog bookmarked and check back for my updates!

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified Formula Photos

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified

  • After washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo, I towel-dried my hair lightly.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified

  • The jar of Manic Panic AMPLIFIED Virgin Snow. Semi-permanent, no chemicals!

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified

  • This toner is a very translucent lavender shade, which means your hair needs to be very light before you apply this. It cancels out the yellow tones left in your hair after bleaching without chemicals. You can use this as often as you like, as long as you like. I have not yet tried this on dry hair or with heat.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified

  • As you can see, the lavender tones are already going to work on the yellow in my hair. I put on a plastic shower cap and left it on for one hour.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified

  • After the hour is up, my hair is very juicy with the product. The front of my hair has absorbed more product than the back, which is okay. After the hair is dry, it blends together.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified

  • I rinsed my hair with cool water to close up the hair shaft and add shine. I rinsed for about 5 minutes to make sure the remaining product was rinsed out well. I applied my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair Serum.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Before and After

  • Before and after! Yes, your hair may vary in shades of white, gray, silver, platinum, etc. My hair was an even shade of lightest yellow before I started, so it worked well and turned out even for me.

What Manic Panic Virgin Snow Amplified Looks Like

  • After your hair dries, you will notice how soft it is.. and light in color. Try this product and let me know how you liked it by filling in a comment in the box below!

The Bleaching Archives: Oct. 23rd, 2010

Hair Bleaching Comparison

I decided to try a new bleach called Ion Powder Lightener, found only at Sally Beauty Supply. I heard very good reviews from both newbies and experienced hair dressers, so I decided to try it. I actually was pleased with the product and seem to like it better than the Clairol Kaleidocolors Blue Bleach. For the back of my head (I process both the back of my head and top/front of my head separately) I bleached with Ion and Clairol Pure White 40 volume developer. I did not use heat with this since the bleach directions say to not use it. I put on a plastic processing cap and waited 50 minutes… I checked my root progress and they were still too yellow, so I set the timer again for 20 minutes to complete the processing time at 70 minutes total. I rinsed it out and did not condition.

As you can see from the picture above, the roots turned out very good.. just a tad yellow, but I plan on toning it several times. I dried my hair and moved onto bleaching the top of my hair. For the top of my hair, I decided to try the Ion Sensitive scalp developer in 30 volume. I used the measuring cup in the Ion Bleach to measure both products. I used 1 cup of bleach and 1 1/2 cups of the developer. The consistency of these products together is very creamy and easy to work with. I found the coverage to be excellent and I ended up not using that much product. The bleach did not dry out at all. I left this product on for 50 minutes (checking after 30 minutes) and I wished now that I would have waited maybe 20 more minutes. My scalp still did burn with this Ion developer, but not as bad as it usually does. oct2010_2 I rinsed and washed my hair with my new Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo, towel dried my hair and then applied the Wella Frosty Ash toner with Clairol Pure White 30 volume developer (on damp hair) . I left that on for 20 minutes, rinsed then applied a mixture of both my conditioner and Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner (toning), left on for about 5 minutes, rinsed and then applied the Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment to seal in my color. I love how my hair turned out.. still a little yellow on the roots to work on with 2x weekly shampoos of the Rene Furterer Silver Shampoo, but very good, indeed! oct2010_3

Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse

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  1. hi krista! i have a question.. i bleached my whole head to the pale yellow stage 1 month ago and used wella’s white lady toner – it turned out pure white and it was just a little much for me so i got another wella toner.. t35 which i think is beige blonde. mixed with the white lady it was still pretty white – just softer – and turned more yellow as i washed it. i just did my root touch up and lifted my roots to the lightest yellow (some of the first parts i did are almost white) and then used wella ivory lady because i had a bottle lying around. i left it on my roots for maybe 5 minutes and pulled it through to my ends for a couple of minutes – my hair is very porous so it grabs the ash. my roots are lighter than the rest of my hair.. especially the almost white roots. the color is surprisingly dark compared to me using the beige blonde, but i like it. my question is how can i even out the color? do i need to bleach out the toners? i think there was still the original toners left when i did my touchup bc my roots were much lighter than the rest of my hair before i toned. my hair isn’t in the best shape so it really can’t take another bleaching. thank you!!!

  2. Thank you so much for a very informative tutorial. After bleaching my own hair for about 17 years, I started going to the salon to have my dark brown roots bleached to platinum and then Things went awry with my stylist and huge breakage occurred on one side of my head I was put under heat while he juggled three clients. . I want to cry over it. I’m wearing clip in extensions to blend it in but needless to say I’ve gone back to bleaching it myself ( while being very very careful on my bad areas) but I had honestly forgotten how long to process my roots. Your tutorial was wonderful with all the pictures and advice. Thank you!!!!

    • I read your post and I feel for you. Bad enough if you muck it up yourself but when you’re paying somebody else to do it you expect it to be right! I’ve had some disasters bleaching regrowth because my hair is quite short but I’ve discovered something that might help. If you put a really good moisturing conditioner (the thicker and juicier the better) onto the hair that you don’t want to re-bleach it acts as a sort of barrier against the bleach. I use the L’Oreal Elvive conditioner for damaged hair but any good thick conditioner would work. Just pour some into a tinting bowl and work it on with your fingertips if you have short hair or use a colouring brush if you have longer hair and paint a thick line along the line of regrowth. This works when you’re toning as well if you don’t want the porous sections to “grab” the purple or blue of the toner. Good luck!

  3. Hi Krista
    Just wanted to thank you so much for your great advice on how to achieve white hair. You gave the best, most accurate and most effective advice in the whole of the internet! (and believe me I looked at ’em all!) I went from having 50% grey in natural dark brown hair to PURE SNOW WHITE (yayyy!!) by following your technique and product advice and it didn’t cost me a fortune either. Salons all told me it couldn’t be done. Krista, you proved ’em wrong. Thank you again

  4. Just want to say, I found this randomly while searching white/plat hair info. I love your information, and has helped me tons! <3

  5. Krista,
    I have read and reread this page more times than I’d like to admit.. anyway, to no avail. I had bleached my red dye out to the orange stage, then toned it once and bleached again. I managed to get the yellowy look everyone talks about but for some reason my hair just doesn’t want to let go of the yellow tones. I have used violet toners (wella t10 and t14) tried using wella frosty ash dye as a toner, using purple shampoo, platinum protein filler… roux white minx seems to help but I just can’t get to the platinum/icy blonde I’m going for. Any ideas?

  6. Wowza! Ms. Dior, been lusting after the white blonde look for a while now, and your website is top notch. And yes, it does take some courage to undergo this process by yourself being things can go so very wrong.

    Anyway, your hair and cut are really cutting edge.

  7. Hi Krista Dior, *thank you* for your guidance, and I’m glad you approve! I poked around on Amazon (stores/vendors) for Shades, however, but *recently* (prob since you visited) most get low ratings, ie, they tend to not ship product. Yikes. If I can’t get my intended silvery-white, then I’ll be OK with the more pastel white look of Wella, (thanks for making that distinction, btw!). Funny, because of the off, goldish last 1.5″ of my hair, (which is cut short for this process), I get compliments for my “blonde” hair, ignoring that I’m naturally silver-white at the base. The combo according to my daughter looks… “creamy.” So all is good. Lastly, I think it’s so wonderful that you share this information in such a lovely way. It is a great service to those that want to be in charge of their own creativity, and not have to be beholden to “the pros'” $100s charges to do it.

  8. i just bleached and toned my hair..while i love the color it turned out..some spots are a light purple…what do i do>?>??

    • During your next wash the light purple should come out. You can wash your hair again now if you want, but you might strip some of the good toned parts. I’ve tried spot washing my hair in the past to get rid of spots. Let your hair dry or wait one day and sometimes the light purple disappears. =)

  9. Hi Krista, I have had my hair bleached at the salon from brown to a yellow colour and since then I’ve dyed it myself to a light yellow but, the first inch at the roots is the white blonde I want all over but the ends and lengths stay yellow and won’t budge- I’ve tried bleach toner purple shampoo but nothing evens it out or tones down the yellow. Nothing seems to make the colour on the ends budge 🙁 Can you help? Thankyou

    • I had to cut the orange/yellow ends off of my hair when they wouldn’t take bleach. Just a little at a time. Like I said in my blog, it took a few years to achieve perfectly white hair.

  10. Oh and didn’t realize I needed to strip the color first. Can I do that after bleach? Thanks sO much for your help!


    • Once you’ve bleached, I think you can’t use the stripper on your hair color. I haven’t tried that…if you do want to try it, use it with water and not peroxide. Try it on a test strip of hair first!

  11. Hello Krista
    Excellent blog! I am am having a hair dilemma. My hair was died medium or dark brown for years because I had premature grey starting at about 28. Well, I am embracing the grey and in this celebration I have caused a pale to medium orange result but my roots are very white. I have bleached it twice to get this far. Now I am worried what to do next. There is too much conflicting advice online but your advice seems to be very sound.
    I am trying to achieve a white base for Pravana Vivid Silver. (no peroxide allowed during the process) I used Roux Violites to bleach with Volume 40 for 45 minutes the first time and 60 minutes the second time. Its in deep conditioning mode now and I am going to wait a week to continue. I am trying to achieve a more white silvery effect. The color being a very pretty pale pastel orange is very fashionable but not for a 50 year old momma. 🙂 Advice for my next move?

    • Hi Corinne! I suggest trying the bleach product recommended in the blog.. the Sally Beauty Supply bleach with 30 volume. Do not place on roots or where it is already past the “banana yellow” stage.. just on the orange areas. I haven’t tried the products you mentioned, so I can’t vouch for them. Wait a week like you said and try that bleach.. you will love it! I couldn’t believe how great it worked. Let me know!

  12. I’ve been trying to get my hair to white for about two months, and while the roots are where I want them to be with toning, the ends just do not want to tone even in the pale yellow stage. I’m pretty sure at this point it’s because it’s from the damage due to previous permanent black dye, blonding, and back and forth so it won’t hold tone aynmore. Just gotta grow it out because I’m not willing to lose three inches off the top of my head. XD

    I am licensed and have a couple clients who have wanted white highlights. I can say that salons are not willing to take you that color since it’s actually against salon regulations. You’re only supposed to take it to the yellow stage then tone it. The point with it is that the white stage is the final place and can start breaking. I do inform my clients of this, but if they are still insistent I do have them sign a waver. It’s not that they don’t want to – while a lot of them don’t- it’s that they can’t. The wavers still don’t completely protect them if lawsuits happen since it still falls under a salon no-no unless it’s privately owned and then the owners have the say so instead of a corporate run plate.

    This is a lovely blog. And I adore the new color.

    • Leigh, thanks SO MUCH for clarifying on the issue of salons not being able to bleach past the yellow stage. I did go to a privately run salon for one of my bleaches and he said he wouldn’t do it because he was scared. hahah! Thanks for reading the blog and make sure to check out the other stuff (makeup!). =) -Krista

  13. Hi Krista, how are you doing? I wanted to know if you ever used 50 Vol. Developer? I was going to try it and see if it gets me lighter& whiter with a shorter processing time? I really want “White” but having a hard time getting that look! Thank you for your help Krista

  14. Hello! I just bleached my hair, pretty sure i didnt leave it in long enough, its pretty close to the yellow swatch you have posted here. It may have a little bit more orange in it. Anyhow, Im not sure if i should bleach again or if i should try a toner. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

  15. krista i have a MAJOR question for you so i finally got to platinum stage hair but the color fades really quickly im using wella lady t18 i wanted to know if you know another color that can work i really want platinum grey hair nd im thinkin of coloring my botom section of hair black but i wana do my top section hair platium gray first but idk what to do anymore plsssss HELP ME ?????

  16. Hi Krista. Great information. So easy to follow. I’m hoping you have insights on this one:
    I’m 95-97% silver-white with dk brown, with slightly darker 70% hairline all around.

    I’m light neutral-olive complexion, and aged 53, and open to new looks. I no longer want to dye my hair to my natural dk brown for health and maintenance reasons. I want to embrace my natural silver that I get tremendous compliments on. So, what to do about the dyed hair.

    I used Effisol successfully, and trimmed much of the orange off, leaving a slight gold. I’ve toned with T18, and want to go further. I’m leary of stripping out more dye, as it does not discriminate on the tiny % of”pepper” that’s left, adding another round of orange removal.

    Would you suggest the Shades EQ Titanium/Silver/Chrome options to help brighten the good and mute the bad til my silver finishes growing out or do the Wella 1210 lightest ash blonde? I really want that shiny, bright silver as my ultimate goal.

    Thank you for any tips and leads you might have. Your advice on blonding is fabulous. Just having a hard time finding it for platinum that blends with natural silver.

    • Hi DebRa! I think you would love the silvery effects of the Redken Shades. The Wella Ash is more pastel in color, so it gives you the white tone. The Shades colors were also more gentle on my hair. The good thing about toner is that you can afford to try them all. I paid about $6 bucks on Amazon for my Redken shades (it’s been a while and I’ve forgotten, but it wasn’t a lot of money). I can’t help you with which Shades color to choose, you may have to buy all three and custom blend to suit your needs. It takes time to do stuff like this, but fun! Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  17. 10/10 for you persistance & achievements with home colouring platinum hair! i did very well myself home colouring with packet dye, clairol born blonde 4 used to lift my fine, dark ash blonde hair to platinum white. unfortunately they stopped making the product & i could not find one of similar effect.i went to a salon a few times & they maintained my platinum hair easily & were impressed how quickly & easily my hair went white! being shy of mixing my own bleaching products & a bit shorter on cash i went a more “natural” looking blonde with a salon one more time & maintained it for years with another packet blonding creme kit. issues started to arise with roots not matching the rest of the hair & i tried a different tact of mixing 2 lots of blonding product which somehow resulted in the frying off of the back section of my hair! this sent me back to the salon for a serious haircut & retouch of the roots. somehow my hair kept getting lighter & lighter over time with each salon visit. at the moment it is a very nice platinum again, which i maintain using lee stafford bleach blonde toning shampoo & conditioner. shampoo can turn the dryer parts of the hair greyish/purple if used every time i wash, so i wash with regular shampoo about every 4th & 5th time. i use fudge dynamite as a treatment, recommended by my hairdresser after the frying incident! unfortunately, the current hairdresser seems to have some trouble matching the roots (same salon) & they are always a brassy yellow, compared to the platinum ends. it usually tones down after a week or two but last time i went in i specifically said the roots did not settle as well as they have previously & there was still obvious banding when the hair was held up from the scalp. i suggested perhaps to leave the bleach on a bit longer this time around. the hairdresser insisted it was all about the toner & bleached the roots then used a more ash toner (so they say) resulting in, again, yellow roots that don’t match the ends & still haven’t toned down after a week & a half! grrrr i’m currently considering changing hairdressers as this one is not listening. i can afford to go to a salon, it just really peeves me off when they dont do a good job. considering my hair used to go white without a toner at all i figure it’s not hard to maintain, yet somehow the current hairdresser won’t be told & expects me to live with the yellow roots. not sure if i should go back in & demand another toner or cut my losses, ride it out til the next root retouch & find a better salon… anyway, that’s my story. rock on the platinum blondes!!!!

    • Hi Nancy.. thanks SO much for telling me your blonde story! I too had been “talked” into getting my roots done at a salon, and they don’t want to wait for your processing. Don’t let them throw you under the heated dryer and fry your scalp with 40 volume.. this idiot hurt my head so bad it started bleeding. Anyway, the toner won’t even work unless your roots are bleached to a certain level of yellow, you already know that, but a lot of hairdressers don’t get the clue. It’s best to do roots at home on your own time. I even told my hair dressers that “hey, I do my own hair at home, what bleach do you recommend?” Sometimes I’d get a great answer, sometimes it would be “just let me do it, I’ll give you a discount.” Ugh.. so many disappointments.

  18. I have to say that your information has been the most helpful of any information that I have yet found on the net! Congrats. I paid the big bucks to go from medium brown to platinum, but I was not happy with the toning. So I went out and bought the frosty ash and it did a great job. It’s been just over 2 weeks and my roots are showing about 1/4 inch. It’s really quite funny because I decided to go platinum because I was tired of fighting grey roots. It seemed as if I had more grey than brown. Now I see exactly how much brown I have and I really think it’s more than the grey! But I will give this a bit more time. I’m going to have to do roots and I’ll follow your instructions. Just a little afraid. I’ve noticed that over the past week my hair has become the driest it’s been, actually more that after it was bleached twice by the hairdresser. I’m using Redkin products. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Diana, good luck! Your hair will get better after the bleaching once your natural oils start to sink back in. Took about 2 weeks for my hair to become a little more normal. Let me know how you’re doing!


  19. Hey krista! So my hair is a real platinum blonde at the tips of my hair and my friend did my roots at the end of march and the roots turned a golden blonde. Now i have three different colors in my hair because my roots grew out and they are a dark brown/black. What should I do to make my hair color all platinum blonde instead of this rainbow of color!

    PLEASE HELP! Thank you! 😀

    • Well, the good thing is that the Ombre look is in! (ok, bad joke, but it is true!) My hair has been like this many times and what I would do is time your bleach placement on each part. Start at the roots where it is the darkest; you can try using a 30 vol developer for the roots. Let that sit for 10 min on roots only, then apply to the next darkest area with the same solution, let that sit for 10 min. You can mix a new batch of bleach at this point, apply to the orange/yellow-orange areas next. Let that sit until you are pleased with the result. Your roots should be good by then. It takes my roots honestly 70 minutes to process, but everyone is different. Let me know if this works!

  20. Hi again Krista!

    I’m returning a lot of crap to Sally’s on Tues. I tried using clarifying ‘poo and John Frieda’s purple ‘poo as a mix- That got rid of the t-10 and now I’m back to the inside-bananna-color.
    My hair is very light- but once before I did the dumb thing of starting at top to bottom (just once) and now my crown is platinum and the back is more palest yellow/white. *If anyone else reads this- Listen to Krista and go from back to top!*
    I have one toner from Wella left- the t-14. I am kinda scared to use it since I still need to bleach my roots. I will be trading the 9v I got for the 12A. Did you mean for me to use t-18 since the Sally’s people when I called said there’s no t-12?
    My extensions have not come in yet– I actually one set already( I dyed that two-toned: fushia/teal:) I love your two toned hair,BTW!); waiting for two.(one is frosty ash and the other is HK’s bunny blonde. Also, I have Schwarzkopf silver ‘poo and cond coming in in 5 days. So I was wondering, should I try the frosty ash and silver poo after I’ve bleached my roots?
    Thanks and will keep you updated 😛 <3

  21. HI Krista!
    I got my hair to very light banana yellow and went down to Sally’s for a toner. I actually wanted to get it very light blonde – not white…but Almost. I asked the rep’s there for advice and they told me to use t-10…which made my hair like a beige-drab yellow. I ordered extensions in a 60 color so you know they won’t match with my hair. I don’t like dealing with Sally’s– maybe works for some but I ended up getting the worst advice and when I showed up to begin the bleaching process, I was sent away with products that broke my 19 in hair off to 6 in! I want to just have really light blonde hair. Sigh…it’s really hard. After going to Sally’s, had to go to two salons for color fixes:One place dumped dark (!) dye all over/ turned my hair green!put tons of layers to cut off their mistakes;Other place put more bleach in,made my hair look pink/yellow..toned w/ Redken Eq and it lasted a week. By that time my hair was 10 in. Since trying to do it myself, I lost the extra 4 inches— But it is healthy. I don’t want to bleach (other than roots) again. And I am seriously terrified of going to a salon. I live in a small town and people think that bleaching is for a certain type of person– and people stare if it’s too light. Also none of the stylists will cut/layer my extensions. So! I got a cutting comb; looking @ YT for help. Getting to the ?—What can I do to get rid of the t-10 and get my hair back to the 60? Thanks and:)

    • Hi Lina!

      I don’t think the people working at Sally’s are licensed beauticians (maybe some are) but as far as I’ve seen, they hardly speak English or have had no experience with bleaching. I go WELL prepared before I go there these days. There was one guy I met at Sally’s that worked there and he was truly a gem and I haven’t seen him for a while. You want to stick with the toners with the pastel purple tones, 12A is my favorite. Use the 20 vol developer with damp hair.

      Nobody likes to layer extensions because you’ll probably need to take them out at some point and they don’t want to have to figure out what pieces go where. To get rid of the T-10, all you need to do is wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo a few times (or wait two weeks–which is probably the healthiest way to do it). Then do the T-12, which has the violet tones you need to cancel out that crappy beige color. It probably won’t take your hair all the way white at that point. If it does, all you need to do is wash it and the excess purple tones will wash out. This happened to me, that is how I know! Lemme know how this works!

  22. Glades I got the Q-Tip touch up! It is very time consuming and impossible to do yourself! Believe me Gladiis I am with you it’s a pain and hard to keep light hair when your hair is so dark!

  23. Gladiis I think you touch up your roots using a Q-TIP so you don’t get the bleach on your scalp and over bleach your Hair&scalp it does stink with dark hair I think the dark roots cast a dark shadow on your light hair and I think you can only bleach like every other week? Like I said I will let you know how I make out and how it works out for me and how my girl does it I think it’s going to take some time to do???

  24. Gladiis I will let you know after my girl tries it on me! Krista gave me the idea in a post on this site! My Hair is bark dark brown! Now I am White and I like it but after 4-5 days it looks less white? It took a lot of work to get it this light and I don’t want it to turn orange? I will let you know how it goes for me?

  25. Gladiis I am kinda having the same problem! My hair is WHITE-WHITE.but my naturally I am dark brown from what I have figured out my dark roots is reflecting and making it dark looking I am going to try and my girl to try Krista’s idea of using a Q-TIP to up just my roots in front so I don’t see my roots! I hate roots! Ha a 45 year old male worried about roots! But Gladiis it’s hard to keep white when your dark!

  26. Gladiis, the only way to maintain the platinum color is to continuously use the platinum shampoos. Please read the article for more information about which ones I liked and price ranges. My favorite is Renee Furterer Okara shampoo. I used it every other washing.

  27. Hi krista so I followed what you told me and I spot bleach it work bt now I’m having trouble to keep the planitum blonde color it stay for like a week and then it fades away . Do you know what I can do ?

  28. Krista thank you for the Q-tip! I don’t care that people know I am not a true blond it’s so light White now I hate that 1/4 inch of dark hair after a week but I also don’t want to damage my Hair or scalp neither but when your top is a 1/2 inch and you get cut once a week to keep it’s shape! Yes I am spoiled and your web site did not help me! LOL I really do like this new white look thank you so much!

  29. Hi Krista it’s me again and my hair is so close to white! I love it thank you for your help! But like I told you I keep it cut and it’s short a military flat top I get it cut every week and my roots come in very fast in the past 4-5 weeks I got my roots bleached every week can you tell me is that too much? What can I do to protect my hair? It’s great I have never had it this light before? Hope your feeling well? Thanks for your help! Howie!

    • Hey Howie, nice to hear from you! I’d hold off just one more week to do roots. I usually did mine every 2 to 4 weeks.. I know your hair is short though. I just worry about scalp damage. If you just touch the roots ever so carefully with the bleach, I don’t think you’ll be harmed. There were screen stars in the 40s that were bleached every week with a q-tip so that nobody would know they were not a natural blonde. Pretty cool!

  30. Krista,

    I am a professional Redken stylist with Aveda training. I have a client that is 75% white / 25% grey naturally and has had artificial color on her hair for years. She has been wanting to get back to her natural color and with your tips and tricks I feel confident that I can get her very very close to it in the salon and in a graceful way. Thank you so much for teaching me a couple of new things/reaffirming my knowledge. I know your not a professional, but you not only should be, but you would make a great educator! Thanks!


    • Thanks so much, Teresa! I wish I could go back to school and become a hairdresser, but I’ve already found a profession! If I get laid off, I’ll keep it in mind.. because that could happen!

  31. Hey krista!! Im naturally nlonde, I diedd my hair dark brown 6months ago. Last week I bleachefd my hair, my roots came out “white” but eveything was a orange color.. I boxed died my hair a light blonde a few days later, and its still has traces of orange, how do I even out my hair? Should I just tone it? & if so what kind of toner?

    • You could try spot bleaching.. but when I saw that you wrote “box dyed” I cringed. I never box dye blonde. That is the wrong way! I’d wait 2 weeks after the box dye before spot bleaching those orange areas. I don’t think the toner will do it since toner is not meant to “lift” hair color out. Test just a small area of the orange hair with bleach to get the timing correct first, then do the rest of the hair. Good luck with that!

  32. Okay so I bleach my hair for the 5th time and it still comes out orange
    I use ion bleach and ion sensitive vol. and wella t18 toner and all my front head came white/silver bt my back part is orange yellow is their and alternative to this I’m tired of bleaching my hair ?

    • Hi Gladys,

      I am assuming that when you bleach, you start at the front of your head? I always start at the back to front because the hair in the back is normally darker. By the time I reach the top of my head, the bleach on the back has already been on for about 15 minutes and has started to process. Most of the time when I would bleach, I did the back of my head and top separately because it took so long for me to do it by myself. Only spot bleach the parts that are orange until it reaches the color you want. If you want to experiment with a stronger volume developer, you can try 30 or 40 for less time (keep a close eye on the processing). Let me know if this works!

  33. Hi!! I’m so glad to see that you respond to comments, so I have a quick question. What is your favorite silver shampoo? I am currently using a purple one (Clairol Shimmer Lights). It does dry out my hair and it doesn’t smell good 🙁 What is the advantage to using a silver shampoo over a purple one?

    By the way, I am really upset that they changed Wella White Lady. They said it’s the same just new box, but I recently used the new T18 and it gave my white hair a weird shade of green. It did not tone out the yellow. I don’t understand, so I’m just going to switch to Frosty Ash.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog!

  34. Hi Krista it’s me again and yes I have read and even googled “How often can I re-bleached my root? This time when my girl bleached me she got it light almost white but after a week or so my dark brown roots showed up and I can deal with it for a few days but I hate it! Like I first told you I where a military flattop and I get it cut every two week but I don’t know how often I can re-bleach my roots? Your help has been great so far! Thank you for your time& help Howie!

  35. Hi Krista:  I have read nearly every single comment/post on this site and have spent several hours searching for information on other sites online, but I haven’t found anything that addresses the specific issue I have when bleaching my hair.  That being said, I would be SOOO appreciative of ANY insight you could provide!!! So here goes: I’m naturally a very ashy dark blonde; although my hair has been a wide variety of colors, I have had a nice pale/platinum-y blonde for nearly 2 yrs (done at salon only); my hair tends to turn brassy, so I am quite familiar with using purple shampoos, toners & everything else to ensure proper upkeep of my color. I recently tried to save $200 by doing my roots at home, but it has resulted in nothing but sheer frustration! Here is what I did: violet kaleidoscope (sp?) w 20 volume on roots/dark(er) parts of hair for about 55 mins (15 of which were in cap w heat), I didn’t touch the rest of my hair bc it was already a very light, nice shade of blonde. My roots turned out yellow/slightly orange-ish – I immediately followed up with wella ivory lady w 20 vol for 30 + mins & it did nothing AT ALL to eliminate the brassy yellow color.  Used purple shampoo/ deep conditioner for a week & nothing changed – read your page & came to the conclusion that I must not have left bleach in for long enough & didnt quite reach that pale yellow stage (which I thought was weird bc roots were dark blonde, not black, but whatever).  So I bleached again, used the same brand bleach in the blue color this time w 30 vol, hair in cap for an hour, 15 mins w heat & thought that HAD to be long enough to get my brassy yellow to a pale blonde, but low & behold, my hair just turned out a brighter yellow than before! Still followed w same mix of wella toner as last time for 30 mins (hair in cap w heat again) – rinse, condition, and NO CHANGE! Just a brassy, yellow/orangey color! Next day I tried yet another purple toner & NOTHING.  This was 4 days ago – I have been using purple shampoo/conditioner (sometimes leaving on my hair for 30 mins) & lots of deep conditioner, so although my hair feels nice and healthy, it is STILL a yucky brassy/orange/yellow color!!! At this point I don’t know if I need to bleach again, or if I should give up & dye my hair dark – I bought some mp virgin snow but decided not to waste it until I could get some insight into what is going on – I refuse to go to the salon bc I am now on a mission to get this right myself (side note: I have never had any “issues” with stylists having “difficulties” lightening my hair or getting it platinum) – I am sorry for posting such a long comment but PLEASE if you can offer any advice I would be VERY grateful!!!!!

  36. Krista well I got it bleached doing it how you said and YES it came out orange/yellow so my girl Bleached it again making sure it was Dry! Then she rinsed it with cool water and made sure that was dry the she put the Manic panic on for an hour! The washed it yes it came up lighter but still not that white shade! What else can I do?

  37. Your hair is GORGEOUS!!! I envy how beautiful it looks and what’s more it looks even more stunning on you because you have BLUE BLUE eyes! *sigh* You did an awesome job.

  38. Hi their krista well I have a question so I have black hair but I had red dye in it I stripped it first and I bleach with kaleidocolor (purple one) and 30 v salon care two times then I waited a week and I bleach it again and this time I use ion sensitive scalp 30 v so in total ihave bleach it three times and its still orange but my roots are platinum blonde is their anytjing I can do to get it platinum or just regular blonde

  39. No! My girl is going to try our luck next week Friday I hope it works out? I have been wanting that white look for a while now!

  40. I have the same platinum color and always have a hard time with my eyebrow color. In the pictures you have posted, what kind of eyebrow kit or pencil/powder do you use? The color is great.

  41. I tried bleaching my hair and it came out orange with blonde roots
    I am aiming at a light blonde..What can i use ?
    I usually get my products at Sally Beauty Supplies

    • You can re-bleach the orange again (just on the orange spots, don’t re-do the roots again). Try the ION Powder Bleach at Sally’s with 20 volume peroxide. I normally leave bleach on my hair for 70 minutes, but everyone’s hair is different.. just keep watching it to see how fast it is turning blonde. Don’t leave it on for more than 70 minutes if it still hasn’t reached the banana yellow stage. You’ll have to wash it out and wait another few days to re-bleach again. Be sure to tone as well.. read the blog and the comments here to find out more info.

      Thanks and good luck!

  42. Based on this tutorial and several other articles and youtube videos I’ve found, I’m in the process of making my hair white (from a dyed black.) So far it’s working pretty great. I used color oops first to help get the black out (which lifted it only some, I think it mostly weakened the dye), then bleached with 30vol developer and wellite three times over the course of two weeks. I then used frosty ash with the 30vol developer and my hair is now platinum blonde in most spots, with just a bit of yellow and slightly brown streaks left. I used a good after-processing conditioner after every process, so my hair only feels damaged on the very ends. Soon I’m going to order manic panic amplified virgin snow to take it to the white, and I’ve already ordered that toning shampoo you recommended. Originally I was going to buy shimmer lights, but didn’t realize before that it had sulfate in it (or even what sulfate does to hair), so I’m really glad I found your post.
    Just thought I’d share a soon-to-be-success story influenced by your very informative article. 🙂

    • Oh, girl! I can’t wait to hear how it went! Just keep using that toning shampoo.. that is really the secret to getting that crazy paper white hair. If you feel it is getting too violet, then just use a clarifying shampoo to remove the purple. Your hair should go back to that banana peel yellow after that and you can start over with the toning. Sometimes the toners leave a bad build up and your hair turns a nasty muddy purple. I use the Coloure Clarifying shampoo available at Planet Beauty in the store only. No sulfates! That works best to remove styling products and any other gunk left in the hair.

      Let me know how it all goes!

  43. Hello Krista, I have been reading your blog and wished I had read it before I dyed my hair!
    I have been having problems with my roots and I was hoping you could help me, since the salon I went to guaranteed platinum hair but left it horribly yellow and you have had incredible results at home!
    This is what happened: after 2 times of bleaching at the salon I gave up and decided to do it myself. Some weeks after the salon incident, I had 1.5 inches of roots (my natural hair color is light brown), I went to Sally for products and bleached my hair one more time with Kaleidocolors violet bleach, clairol pure white vol. 30 developer and I left it for about an hour. My roots ended up darker than the rest of my hair (since I had bleached the rest of the hair 2 times before) and I decided to apply the toner hoping that the toner would remove it. I used Wella color charm Cooling Violet 050 with a 40 vol. developer so the color would be lighter. I ended up with a beautiful silvery/gray color, but my roots are yellowish-gray :(. I have been washing my hair with the purple shampoo but doesn’t seem to help my yellowish-gray roots. What can I do about it and how should I do it the next time I do my roots?
    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Tanya! I didn’t like the Kalidecolors bleach in Violet, the Blue Kalidecolors lifts more levels. I used that bleach for a while until I discovered the ION Powder Bleach from Sally’s, which never had an issue lifting my roots at all. Try using a 20 vol developer with the toners since you are trying to deposit the color into the roots. If you use a high level lift, it pretty much dilutes the effect of the toners.

      Hope all goes well!


      • Hello Krista, this is Tanya again. So do you think I should buy the ION bleach and re-do my yellowish gray ‘old’ roots? or should I use the effasol product, then bleach, then apply toner to my ugly roots? I have no ‘new’ roots yet but my old 1.5-inch roots are really ugly. I wish there was a way to send you a picture so you knew what I am talking about!
        Thanks again for your advice!

  44. Hey Krista, I have been able to get the majority of my hair to the inside of a banana peel color and have bleached it twice..there are some parts mostly underneathe that have a little more of a brassy look to it at that’s after using a toning shampoo as question is will the mp amplified virgin snow still work even though I’m not doing it literally right after bleaching if I pick up the stuff tomorrow and do it?

    • Hi Jess! It’s totally fine to “spot bleach” parts of your hair that are still brassy. The Amplified Virgin Snow will not take at all on parts of the hair that are not the banana yellow. The product is designed to be deposit-only and won’t lift anymore color out of your hair. Virgin Snow will still work at any time, on dry hair, wet hair, a few days after bleaching, it will not matter. I’ve found, however, that the product works best on pre-washed hair (use a clarifying shampoo) and do not condition. It will help the product get deeper in the hair shaft and stay longer. Unfortunately, Virgin Snow only lasts a few washes. I used the Renee Furterer toning shampoo after the Virgin Snow started to fade away.

      Good luck with your hair, Jess!!!


  45. Ok…this is the FIRST time I’ve EVER written on one of these things (!) but I absolutely HAD to write you; your Beauty Blog is the BEST and I would love to hear your advice about what to do with my current hair dilema. Here goes…

    After years of being super blonde (I’m a natural dirty blonde…UGH), several months ago I decided to color my hair auburn. I did tons of research on how to do it (fill, custom color blends, etc.) Loved it. Turned out beautifully. After 6 months, I needed a small change and I did a bleach bath to lift the color to a pretty lighter auburn; then, I had some professional hilites added around my face. After that, I decided to cut off over 7 inches of my hair and now want to be platinum by the summer…I have a BIG YEAR class reunion coming up in July!

    I didn’t use a color stripper (whoops) but instead thought I could just use all over bleach. I used L’OREAL’s Super Blue Creme Lightener with 20 volume (’cause that’s what I had from the bleach bath). So, now my hair is very, very light yellow on my roots and fades to orange on the ends…some even reddish still.

    WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Strip the ends? Bleach the ends? 30 volume with ION Lightening Powder? Finally, tone with Frosty Ash with 30 volume?

    I imagine you might get tired of answering all of the world’s Platinum Blonde questions, but…HELP!!!!!

    THANKS so much. You are a delight to read!

    • Hi Heather! I’ve been to my class reunion and trust me, it wasn’t fun seeing the old snobs after all these years. I had to look my best. Thank god I didn’t decide to go blonde… heheheh!

      Looks like you need to do the Effasol with peroxide (I think 20 vol. is fine) just on the spots where the hair is orange. Read the package to see how long to leave it on. I also cut my hair gradually as time went on, about an inch every month until the orange tips were gone. You can then bleach the tips the same day that you used the color remover, but it may not yet be the color you wanted. I had orange tips for a very long time until they were all cut off.

      If you bleach the tips again, I’d say use 20 volume first with the ION Lightening Powder. See how that goes. If it still looks bad, you can try bleaching again in a few more days. Make sure to use a lot of conditioner and such as all of the oils will be stripped from your hair at this point. Don’t wash your hair the same day you bleach.. let the oils come back after a few days, then put the bleach on dirty hair.

      If at this point, your hair is the yellowish color, you may proceed with the toners… towel-dried hair, 30 volume if you still have some darkish yellow left on those tips. If it’s super light after your last bleaching, then do 10 volume, which is deposit-only.. it won’t lift anymore color out of your hair.

      Good luck darling… I hope to god it comes out okay. =)


  46. Krista,
    I have been looking at almost every you tube video regarding silver hair until I’m simply mad. (one needs subtitles for some of the ladies) I am so lost!
    Your site is the most comprehensive of all, Bless You!
    But I still need a time line to follow….

    Do I Use the effasol color remover to remove the red orange I am now wearing to because of the color zap product I used yesterday?

    Then do I put a permanent color on? (frosty ash 12A/1210, the color) Using 20 vol or 10?

    Then do I use my T14, pale ash blonde toner on the same day?
    All three steps at once?

    And the most important question I have: Are my color choices ‘good’?
    I want a silver/lt. grey color as an end result. I’ve had it with doing roots and am looking to let my hair grow in my silver grey color with out waiting for the dye parts to grow out. Ladies look so sad with white roots and dark ends.
    Thank you so much for your site!

    • Hi Parmalee,

      As stated in my blog, the Effasol is used only to remove hair dye from the hair, and it will leave behind an orange tone since it does slightly bleach out the hair in order to strip the color away. The only way to remove the orange at that stage is to actually do a full bleach on it. After the full bleach, then you can use the toner. If your hair is more on the orange side after bleaching, use a stronger developer. I have used up to 30 vol developer with Frosty Ash when my hair was a darker yellow/orange on towel-dried hair. Frosty Ash is a toner, you will not need to use anything else after that is washed out.

      Do not combine permanent hair dye and toner on the same day, your hair would probably break off or fall out. Please read the whole blog before you do anything else. Thanks and be careful!

  47. Hi,
    I’ve seen several people mention that they are unable to purchase items reserved for ‘licensed cosmetologists’ only but there is a very simple solution that will work out for you … find the product you desire at the shop, stand in line, wait till they ask you for your card… OMG, You can’t find your card… it’s in your other purse… can someone help you out, Please, please, please?
    Someone is always very willing to help a woman in need.

    • Parmalee, I’ve tried this tactic out myself at Cosmo Prof. and they would NOT sell anything to me, including $200 worth of extensions. They weren’t willing to help me out, even to make a buck. I went in there again another time and there were different girls working, and we had a license number from a friend and they would not take it since we were not the person who owned the license. We even said we worked for the salon and needed to get supplies.. STILL did not take it.

      • Krista,
        Sorry for my not being clear… I wasn’t saying that the employees would help by selling to me without a card. No, it was the customers in the store who helped me out when I asked out loud for assistance because I forgot my card. (“can anyone help me out here? I’m desperate and I don’t have my card…? Anyone???
        A great beautician used my money and her own card and purchased the perm for me.
        Not ever involving the store help. Sometimes women do help out other women ‘in need’.

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