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Who the heck is Krista Dior?

I was thinking about putting together a little intro for you folks out there. Whoooo am I? Well, I could just tell you to look at my bio on my lovely page, but there is a little more to me than what is just written there.

I basically lived most of my life as student. Let’s see.. kindergarten.. high school.. college for 11 years!?!? Wow, this adds up to a lot. I went from wanting to be a marine biologist, to an elementary school teacher, to a computer programmer, to web designer, to makeup artist, hell, throw rockstar into the mix, too. Very broad, right? Well, thing is, I am scared of sharks and other sea creatures that may bite my legs in the ocean, so being a marine biologist wasn’t such a great idea. The computer programming thing, I thought it would be a great money making career, but it was incredibly boring, and there really wasn’t anything sexy about typing codes all day.

When I started to take art classes, I really started to enjoy school. I looked forward to sculpture class, glass fabrication class and most of all, my graphic design classes. I starting making websites for people who wanted to get their small business somewhere on the web, when the web was fresh and new. I was getting paid for these gigs and started feeling like it was going somewhere. I was going to college at the time and decided that I really needed to declare a major: Digital Graphics. Wow. While I was going to school, I needed to work, so I applied at Macy’s during Christmas time and had a group interview. In this interview, there were about 30 people wanting jobs in various departments. I really wanted to stand out from the crowd and start talking about myself, loudly. I made a few jokes, talked about my excellent customer service reputation, and I was approached by a woman who thought I would be perfect for sales in cosmetics. She sent me to the Benefit counter and I was “tried out” by one of the sales girls. Basically, I had to stop people as they were walking past me and had them sit down and try a few products. At first this was really intimidating, and people were either really loving the products, or thinking I was nuts for making them sit down on a stool. I honestly didn’t like forcing people to do things they didn’t want to do, and although the products were pretty good, I would have liked for them to come to ME. I looked around for jobs all the time. I wasn’t making money at Macy’s and I was getting pretty sick of it.

I ended up working at the Benefit Cosmetics boutique store in Berkeley, CA, and it was a whole new world. Waxing brows and bodies, lash tinting, eyebrow tinting, the works! I loved working in such a beautiful store, I had the time of my life! The thing is, I really wanted to branch out. I wanted to try different brands and have a more intimate experience with my clients. When I started doing a little bit of freelancing work, I felt like I was the one in control. I had a little bit of M.A.C. products here, a little bit of NARS there, and with a dash of Chanel, I was feeling like a real makeup artist. I had a wide variety to choose from and my cosmetics collection was growing like crazy. With 5 years experience under my brush belt, I was feeling confident and thought that maybe it was time to really go wild and start my own cosmetics company. This is something I’ve researched and thought about for a while.. and it’s my current project besides trying to establish an awesome website to go with it. Do I have the brains and the braun to go forward with this project? Let’s allow this blog to be a starting point, see if it creates a buzz and then move towards the bigger things.

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I am Krista, the author of I started a career as a pro makeup artist in 2001 for Benefit Cosmetics in the San Francisco bay area, and transitioned in 2006 to pursue jobs in the Silicon Valley. I am currently working as an editor in the media industry, where I contribute to original content that includes beauty articles. I am occasionally doing freelance makeup jobs, but spend most of my time working on improving my health and wellbeing. I have Hashimoto's and PCOS, and plan on contributing articles that touch on these areas, as well as weight loss and Paleo Diet recipes.

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