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Review for: Roux White Minx and Ultra White Minx

Roux White Minx
I am in the process of achieving white hair from a dark red (dyed, but naturally red) I have bleached it probably 5-6 times to get my hair as blonde as possible, and this is hard for me since my hair is naturally red. I’ve tried toners that claim to take out yellow and brassy tones in hair, but they made my hair gray or a weird beige color and ruined the beauty of the silvery white that I have achieved a few places in my hair.

I bought a bottle of Roux Fanciful Rinse in White Minx and Ultra White Minx (available on I recommend White Minx for those trying to cut a lot of yellow out since it is a darker purple toner and helps more than the Ultra White Minx, which is a very light lavender color. This product does a great job conditioning the hair! My hair feels very soft and bouncy after it dries! Roux’s rinse is basically a leave-in conditioner for those who want platinum hair or want to keep silvery tones in gray hair. I love it, but I hear there are better leave-in toners out there than this one, so keep an eye out for my reviews. I’ve tried products by Goldwell, several in the Live Blond line, and I didn’t see any results, and paid a lot more for these products. I swear, someday I will have the whitest hair in the land!

I give this product 5 stars because it not only cuts down the yellow in the bleached parts of my hair, but it conditions pretty well. It doesn’t make my hair as white as I want, but it’s pretty close.

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